The then ZGZ was founded on November 15, 1952 in the Aklin Restaurant. The first president was Albert Kamer, his vice-president and also treasurer was Kurt Weiss. The dentist of the Ennetsee, Heinz Ritter, could be won as actuary. At the foundation there were 17 active members and 2 free members.


Society today

Membership today is open to any practicing dentist. Each member is subject to the Code of Ethics of the SSO and the Statutes of the SSO Zug. The Society has over 100 members. More than 50 practice owners in the canton of Zug belong to it, as well as some of the assistants in private practices. In addition, 10 guest members from other cantons are registered. The SSO Zug represents more than 80% of the dental practices in the canton of Zug.


The most important tasks and goals of the society include:

  • Fostering collegiality among members and preserving the profession of dentistry.
  • Promoting the continuing education and training of dentists and the practice team, organizing appropriate courses
  • Supporting and advising members in all matters concerning the management of their practice
  • Cooperation with the cantonal and municipal authorities
  • Organization of the official emergency dental service
  • Running an independent arbitration board for complaints from patients regarding treatment or invoicing
  • Organization and implementation of courses at the vocational school for dental assistants together with the other dental societies of Central Switzerland
  • Maintaining contact and coordination with the Swiss Dental Association (SSO), other sections as well as with the professional organizations of physicians and pharmacists