You and your SSO-Dentist – a good team

SSO-Dentists are regionally anchored
SSO members are personally responsible to their patients. It is not uncommon for them to treat patients and their family members for years. From your SSO dentist, you can expect individualized treatment tailored to your needs.

Prevention is better than cure
Thanks to regular, thorough dental and oral care, most dental diseases can be prevented. That is why the SSO has been focusing on prevention for many decades.
SSO members are actively involved in school dental care, where children learn to avoid tooth decay.
In this way, SSO dentists help to save you treatment.

SSO commitment to geriatric dentistry
For SSO dentists, geriatric dentistry is a professional ethical obligation.
They participate in the development of dental services in nursing homes and homes for the elderly.
Good oral health is important for general health.

Transparency – in treatments and costs
You can expect your SSO dentist to provide you with transparent and comprehensible information about treatments or invoices. This is because SSO members are obliged by the Code of Professional Conduct to charge according to tariff and to point out risks and therapy alternatives.

In the event of a conflict, the SSO’s Evaluation Commission will help you
If you do not agree with a treatment or invoice, seek discussion with your dentist. If the disagreement cannot be resolved and your dentist is a member of the SSO, you can contact the SSO’s assessment commissions directly. These offer expert advice. SSO members are required to be reviewed. For non-SSO dentists, the only option is usually to go to court.

Quality guidelines of the SSO
SSO members have their own quality guidelines, which are issued by the professional societies. The quality guidelines provide SSO dentists with an instrument for quality control of their work. Thus, patients can expect a high quality of treatment from SSO members. In addition, they fulfill the controlled continuing education obligation of at least 80 hours per year.

Safety through strict hygiene standards
For many years, the SSO has been working with the authorities to establish hygiene standards for Swiss dental practices. The professional association informs its members how to implement the strict hygiene standards.

SSO invests in continuing dental education
In almost every specialty, SSO dentists can obtain continuing education certificates from the professional association. These are open only to SSO members, are awarded according to strict guidelines and must be renewed every seven years.

Professional code of conduct of the SSO
With SSO membership, dentists impose obligations on themselves that go beyond the legal requirements. They do this in the interest of practicing their profession in an ethical and professional manner.

Emergency service of the SSO sections
The SSO dentists are also there for you in emergencies. The SSO sections organize the cantonal emergency services.