If you have any questions or are dissatisfied with the quality of treatment or the invoice issued for it, first try to discuss any ambiguities and differences directly with your dentist. If you do not find a solution, you can contact the following independent bodies:

Dental Ombudsman’s Office (Arbitration Board) of the SSO Zug

You can contact this office if the treatment was carried out by a member of the Swiss Dental Society (SSO):

Dr. med. dent. Urs Zellweger, 041 726 20 30, eMail



Cantonal Medical Officer

The cantonal physician in his capacity as medical officer is the reporting point for various medical determinations. If the treating dentist is not a member of the Swiss Dental Association (SSO), contact the Cantonal Medical Officer of the Canton of Zug directly on telephone number 041 728 39 39. The Cantonal Medical Officer, a patient protection organization (e.g. Foundation SPO Patient Protection) or, if necessary, a private legal protection insurance (possibly as supplementary insurance to the health insurance) can recommend specialized lawyers who can initiate proceedings in the name and on behalf of the injured party, e.g. for bodily injury.
Information sheet – Procedure in the event of dissatisfaction with healthcare treatment (Informationsblatt – Vorgehen bei Unzufriedenheit über Behandlungen im Gesundheitswesen)

Your rights as a patient (Ihre Rechte als Patient)

Assessment commissions UVG/KVG

In the case of questionable decisions by insurance companies (UVG) and health insurance companies (KVG), the patient – with the support of his SSO dentist – can turn to the following commissions for an independent expert opinion:

SSO Joint Examination Commission
SSO Secretariat

Joint Confidence Commission tarifsuisse/SSO
Secretariat tarifsuisse ag

Dental tariff

Abstract Dentotar tariff (Kurzfassung Tarif Dentotar)

Detailed information about the revised Dentotar dental tariff can be found at: www.dentotar.ch

Missed dental session
If a patient misses a session without giving at least 24 hours’ notice, he or she will be liable for damages. A rate of 73.2 tax points per missed quarter of an hour with the dentist has been established with the price supervisor.
However, the dentist may only claim damages if it was not possible for him to use the time by working on other patients (e.g. treatment of an emergency patient).