• Requirements for the professions in the dental practice (laws, SSO)
  • Duty of confidentiality, fiduciary duty
  • Dosimetry
  • Vaccination hepatitis B
  • Labor law, pregnancy

On the website of the SSO the professions around the tooth are described in detail.

Assistant dentist
The assistant dentist works in a dependent capacity as an employee of a dentist in the latter’s practice. The holder of the practice permit is personally responsible for the clinical activities of the assistant dentist (Art. 23 of the Professional Code of Conduct of the SSO). The self-employed person must ensure his/her availability in case of short-term absence (up to 2 weeks) (Art. 14 Health Ordinance).
The dependent university medical staff must be included in the emergency service by the self-employed person responsible for them (§ 17 Health Ordinance).
Article 23 of the Professional Code of Conduct of the SSO no longer provides for a limit on the number of employed dentists per practice owner. However, the Health Directorate of the Canton of Zug authorizes a self-employed university medical professional with a full-time workload to assist other university medical professionals of the same profession only up to a maximum of 100 percent (§ 11 Health Ordinance). The practice owner must obtain a permit from the Cantonal Medical Service of the Canton of Zug (Medizinalamt) before the assistant starts work. An assistant’s permit is issued for five years, eliminating the need for annual renewal.

Information on the employment of assistants and deputies in the Canton of Zug (Informationen über die Anstellung von Asistenten und Stellvertretern im Kanton Zug) (PDF)

Dental hygienist DH
The dental hygienist works as a competent, largely independent member of the dental team. She removes supra- and especially subgingival plaque and calculus (deep scaling, root planing). Prophylactically, the DH educates the patient about the causes, progression and consequences of caries and periodontal disease and instructs proper oral hygiene. Terminal anesthesia by the DH is only permitted under the supervision of the dentist and after further training with a cantonally recognized course certificate.
The complete duties and competencies of the DH are defined in the DH assignment regulations (PDF) of the SSO. The employed DH may also work in the absence of the dentist. However, she may not perform terminal anesthesia or treat high-risk patients without supervision. Responsibility always remains with the dentist.

DH services are generally billed according to the time tariff with position 4.1110. Other permitted positions are x-rays (4.0500) terminal anesthesia (4.0650) and alginate impression by the DH (4.0890); all other services fall under position 4.1110 (source: SSO Internum 6/2006).

Prophylaxis assistant PA
The prophylaxis assistant is a trained dental assistant with advanced training in prophylaxis. The PA exclusively cares for patients who have been pretreated by a dentist. Her responsibilities include patient motivation and instruction as well as gingivitis therapy. It is essential that the prophylaxis assistant is not allowed to work subgingivally (under the gums). She is neither authorized nor trained to do so. She performs her activity exclusively under the direction, responsibility and in the presence of the dentist. According to the current PA assignment regulations (PDF), she is authorized to take impressions for study models and, like the DH, to bleach vital teeth.

The work performed by the PA must be billed according to the tariff for item 4.1120 at 12.2 tax points per 5 minutes. Since the layperson is not familiar with the difference between a DH and a PA, the patient should be informed and educated in detail before the first treatment.

Dental Assistant DA
The dental assistant is the indispensable, closest associate of the dentist who performs essential tasks in the dental care of patients with a great deal of personal responsibility.

The dental assistant apprenticeship is a 3-year apprenticeship according to the guidelines of the Federal Office for Professional Education and Technology (OPET) and in the Canton of Zug under the supervision of the Cantonal Office for Professional Education.
DA Apprenticeship Contract/Apprentice Wage:
The apprenticeship contract is concluded between the apprentice and the dentist and approved by the Office for Vocational Education and Training. The apprenticeship contract can be downloaded from the Internet (
The apprentice wage is specified by the salary guidelines of the SSO. Non-occupational accident insurance, daily sickness benefits insurance and, from the age of 18, AHV/ALV can be deducted from the gross salary. The contract can only be terminated in serious cases and only with the approval of the Vocational Training Office.

The dental assistant has a choice of continuing education options. Personal further training in the dental practice to deepen the knowledge acquired and thus consolidate the position in the team (senior dental assistant) – as well as further training to become a dental secretary, prophylaxis assistant and dental hygienist.